Verstegen Spices


For this assignment I had to fully revise and improve (restyle) the brand Verstegen based on the two pillars branding and packaging. Hereby emphasising the USP’s was a important specification. And it needed to be a repositioning that can handle the competition by strengthening Verstegen’s brand values, ensuring continuity, distinguishing in design and by creating greater brand awareness and a better reputation. With this briefing I started my research and developed a design which contain solutions to these issues.

Fair flavours

This packaging design shows the aesthetics for in the kitchen, aiming people who are experienced with cooking and want to show their professional skills. This packaging design is inspired by a mortar with pestle, which are used to grind and mix spices. This results to the fact that this packaging design can be re-used as an mini mortar when it is empty after use. This concept emphasises quality and durability.