For this project I had to choose a snackbar for which I wanted to redesign the whole brand including the logo, packages and an new store experience. I chose FEBO. I did research about their history and brand values and noticed that it doesn’t completely fit their current concept and style. For example, I find it old fashioned looking (not going with the current zeitgeist), cheap looking without good quality/freshness. And what they want the consumers to know is their long history which started as a bakery and grew famous of their tasty croquettes which are still made fresh daily in their traditional way. So the new unique branding concept I designed, emphasises these values. The concept of this ”new” FEBO is called ”Rolling Croquettes”, inspired by sushi bars which serve fresh made sushi on conveyor belts. FEBO will sell croquettes with different tastes and can be recognised from the colour-coded packages. The croquettes are freshly handmade on the spot in sight of the consumer. So they can be sure of what they eat and that the quality is good.