De Ruijter hagelslag


For this project I restyled the Dutch chocolate sprinkle brand ‘De Ruijter’, which is an icon in the Dutch households. Their current design is very traditional and classic. Having executed very little branding and packaging changes over the past years, make De Ruijter a conservative brand. That’s why I deciced to come up with a whole new concept for this brand.


My new concept De Ruijter Guilty Pleasure gives the brand a new personality which fits the archetype; the sensualist-hedonist-pleasure seeker, with the goal/method to pursue perfect enjoyment through physical and emotional experience.

Characteristics and behaviour which fits this new branding personality are; cheeky, playful, adventurous, mysterious, bold, confident, dominant, charismatic, smart, charming and seducing.

With this new concept I’m mainly targeting the millennials (20-35 years), and to be more specific women, because research states that they make most out of chocolate purchases.

Also in my research about chocolate I concluded that this is a guilty pleasure for many. There is a theory that because chocolate is perceived as a ”bad food”- because of its sugar and fat continet – we try to avoid eating it, and this leads us to crave it, because it is forbidden. But it is very hard to resist. Chocolate keeps ”seducing” us.

We can call it a wonder drug, because the unique combination of aroma, texture and taste (sensory pleasure qualities) makes eating chocolate a pleasurable experience that stimulates the emotional ”feel-good” centres of the brain.


My starting point was to create a new design that gives a mysterious and seducing feel. That’s why I chose for a semi-transparant packaging material. This makes the consumer curious about the product inside. I made the way of communicating the information on the package playful and unique. Furthermore is the choice of color based on color-coding and inspired by the fragment of the red and blue pill in the movie ‘The Matrix’.