This project arose from a research about multi-branding. The inquiry was to create a surprising brand proposition of what my chosen multi brand haven’t thought about yet which can be an opportunity in the portfolio of this multi brand. Out of all the biggest multi brands I chose Unilever. After my analysis I concluded that this multi-brand values health, welfare and environment a lot with as goal to make sustainable living a common good. Therefore they are having more and more sustainable living brands.

Brand strategy

The innovative sustainable living brand I conceived is Cyka (meaning: beauty nature). This will be the first dairy-free ice cream brand (new segment in Unilever’s product group ice cream).

This new product is a opportunity for Unilever because a shift seems to be happening in food habbits, meat and dairy alternatives are one of the key trends that have been impacting the global food and drink market since 2016 and non-dairy milks have escaped the realm of substitutes primarly for people with dietary concerns and followers of vegetarian diets.

The Cyka wellness ice creams give advantage to physical and mental health and wants to stimulate the active progress of awareness towards making choices of living and healthy and  happy life. Important keywords for this brand are harmony, balance, nature, happiness, relaxtion and consciousness.


Nowadays more consumers are demanding for products with natural ingredients. Cyka’s purpose is to make ice creams which are sustainable and better for our health and our welfare. Also Cyka want to aim that less dairy products are being consumed, because dairy and cows have quite a few disadvantages for our health and the environment.

Target group

Cyka focusses mainly on people who want to eat healthier, who are looking for dairy alternatives and people who have lactose intolerence. Cyka might appeal the most to millennials (20-35 years), because they are the generation who recognizes their food choices have a very big impact to the society and the environment (eco-conscious), 1/10 millennials is vegetarian and they have more and more interest and demand for plant-based options.

The experience

Cyka contributes to a wellness experience and can be sold in health and wellness facilities and organic shops/cafe’s. To get the consumer acquainted with this new product range, sampling activities can be hold (brand activation) at festivals and fairs.

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