Artist Book


This book shows the life of a fictional person who arose from two ”existing” personalities which are Noah and my Chinese friend. His name is Jonathan Trotter and he is a fusion of these two personalities. (A Hebrew first name in common and his last name comes from the word Globetrotter). Jonathan is a traveler, a collector, a nature loving person with a friendly, soft and quiet personality. I translated all his characteristics into materials and techniques and the images on the ”pages” show his characteristics, interests and lifestyle (Character’s ambience). The compartments reflect his organised and perfectionist personality and wanting to treasure things which is derived from the chambers in the Arc of Noah. I used the stamp technique because it means duplicating something. This idea is derived from the animals of Noah’s Arc that were kept in couples. I stamped the patterns with black ink derived from Asian calligraphy and Taoism. All of them in round shapes because of yin and yang (balance) and a compass.