As an fictional assignment during my internship I restyled the brand Amoy and also the packaging range. The restyle is a mixture between traditional Chinese and the modern world. The new logo I designed is inspired by seals which were used in the past in China. Thereby, the logo has it’s free shape and also the name Amoy has the playful appearance, like it’s handwritten by brush, which shows the traditional Chinese writing.

The concept’s name of this packaging range is; Urban life. The target market of Amoy are people with food awareness and who have a good and busy job. My concept is consistent with their target group. The big buildings on the packaging show the busy city life in big metropolises, where a lot of people go for work. This idea is the modern side of this packaging design. The traditional side of this design is the paper background with the illustration of the buildings with colorful ink patterns. This was inspired by the traditional Chinese silk paintings.

This whole new restyle of Amoy gives a fresher, calmer and more brighter look which looks reliable to buy in the supermarket. Also, these new designed packages distinguish from the most other Asian food brands which mostly have the typical darker colors like black, gold and red.