My name is Vera Nieuwenstein. I'm a 24 years old multidisciplinary designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My focus lies on Brand and Packaging Design. Currently I'm working as a packaging designer at OD Designstudio.

In 2015 I graduated in Graphic Design from the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and in 2017 I graduated in Brand/Packaging/Experience design from the Willem de Kooning Academie.

Design is my passion, or I can even call it my obsession, that I can't live without for a day and which keeps me motivated to push my limits and helps me to improve my skills more and more. 

The reason why I’m a designer is simply because I have always been very creative with lots of ideas, and I want to contribute these visually to the world.

What I love the most is to work with different design diciplines, because for me this way being a designer stays exciting and challenging. 

Things that motivate me to design are problems or needs in the society. Things can always be improved. To me functionality and accessibility are important.

Nowadays I experiment a lot with different techniques and materials. I want to devise innovative concepts that tell a unique story, with as most important goal to solve problems, to involve people in a new brand or product experience, inspire them and I love to give people a smile. 

I get my inspiration from everything that crosses my path; from people, emotions, things I see, smell and hear to silence. Life is interesting and beautiful. Every day I experience new things which give me ideas. I'll keep on learning.

Thank you for reading about me and viewing my portfolio.

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